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Inspired prints from the original artwork created in the Golden Hands Series by LAZLO, which will drop later in the year. This Illustration is an expression of freedom and the complete experience of what you would describe as an altered state of consciousness induced by the consumption of natural psychedelic substances such as psilocybin and DMT. As Alice begins to inhale the psychedelic drug, she begins to hallucinate and begin her journey through to another altered reality, one that consumes her deeper into the realm and expands her mind to a reality she thought would never be possible.

The OG: Original artwork designed by LAZLO.

Ahh, the quality: Your prints are developed from a high-quality image printer with a matte finish, 25% higher contrast for crisp images without any glare.

Tell me more: All our prints are done on 310gsm Ilford Gallerie Paper Smooth Cotton Rag, you also have the option of four different sizes. Keep in mind, "Size Does Matter"... you know the vibes ladies and gentlemen.

Count me in: Add in our custom matte finish gallery-quality frames to give your walls that extra appeal, and the gallery experience right in the comfort of your home or office.

Made In: The most liveable city in the world Melbourne, Australia.