A 90's baby born and raised in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, Lazlo has come a long way from humble beginnings first picking up a spray can at age 11 tagging all throughout his local area.

In 2009 Lazlo was infatuated with the Graffiti scene in Melbourne at the time, looking outside his back carriage window in awe of all the art along the train line. It’s what triggered that creative spark at the time to keep getting better at the most raw and realist art form called Graffiti.

Fast-track to over 10 years later, Lazlo and the team have been privileged to work with the likes of Lucky Entertainment, Hocking Stuart, Thick As Thieves, Piknic Electronic, Hardware Group, FRESH’R and many more just to name a few. What makes Lazlo and the creative team unique as individuals is the fluid skillset, not bound by just one type of creative medium or mediocre approach. Art & Design simply created to always provide a WOW factor, keep you surrounded with inspiration, innovation and to always push the boundaries of what society expects you to be.

Offering a range of different services from branding your business, Graphic and Web Design to get your store Shopify ready. 3D Engineering, Motion Graphics, Murals, Vector & Contemporary Art and Content Creation. LAZLO Art & Design has been able to scale business in a short period of time, and will continue its growth for many years to come!